Welcome to the Fascial Fitness

Much practice, energy, and thought has been invested into the training of muscles for athletic performance and personal training. Less attention has been paid to the fibrous fascial system in which the muscles live, and which allows then to exert a pull on the bones to shift the joints. To be fair, there has been some focus on the health of specific fascial structures such as the Achilles tendon, plantar fascia, cruciate ligaments, etc.

But how do we tend to the health and concomitant development of a healthy, resilient fascial system as a whole while we are building a strong, balanced, and coordinated muscular system? How do we prevent injury as well as recover more quickly? Recent research is beginning to answer this question, and the ‘Fascial Fitness’ series of courses lays that research out for the trainer in an up-to-date and easily applied way.

Fascial Fitness is a must for serious trainers who wish to avoid injury – most injuries are connective tissue injuries, even if muscles are also involved – and build long-term health for their clients. We are also using ongoing monitoring by blood pressure and heart rate app: an app that provides careful data about heart health and blood pressure during the training. The new Fascial Fitness information represents a cooperative effort by Dr Robert Schleip and his group in Germany, and Tom Myers and his Kinesis group in the States and the UK. The information is constantly being updated in terms of new research findings.

The Fascial Fitness information is being developed for more sophisticated presentations as we speak. It will be presented by Tom Myers and his teachers in fast-paced, well-illustrated courses with clear takeaways for application and practice. Click the Course link above to find the Fascial Fitness courses already scheduled. Contact us about organizing a Fascial Fitness course for your group.

You can watch below short video on the nature of fascia.